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globeHarvest Church was founded in October 1986 by Bishop Steve Houpe.

It began in the living room of Bishop Houpe's apartment. The first public church service was held outside a small conference room of a one-story office building. There were approximately 6-8 people in attendance. The church continued to meet faithfully until the conference room (which held only 14 people) became too small for the growing congregation.

In late November of the same year, Harvest Church moved to Adam's Mark Hotel and began holding the worship services in rooms which seated no more than 50 people confortably. Services were held Sunday morning at the hotel, Wednesday evening at Bishop Houpe's apartment and Wednesday afternoon at the home of the first member of Harvest Church. As the church continued to grow in size (at times requiring additional seats in the hallway), worship services continued to be held at the hotel.

In 1988, the church moved to a small rented section of a used carpet store. The church size had grown to over 300 people by this time. In 1990, Harvest Church began renting facilities in Raytown, Missouri. Proceedings were initiated the following year to purchase two additional buildings surrounding the property; however, Harvest Church quickly prospered and outgrew the additional buildings. As more souls were being saved and added to the Kingdom, it was clear to Bishop Houpe that a larger facility was needed for the flock. The Lord began speaking to his heart in prayer that Harvest Church would be a Mega Church, reaching out to the lost like never before; feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, and doing a mighty work for Christ. While driving down I-435 one day, the Lord revealed the site where the church was to relocate.

In June 1993, Harvest Church purchased the Old Value World Mall and in December of that same year, moved to its present location at 4300 N. Corrington Ave (28 acres of property, 15 of which is undeveloped). The Lord gave the ministry favor to purchase the property. In May 1994, construction began on the new 3900-seat edifice.

Today, Harvest Church sits on over 110 acres of land encompassing Faith Academy Christian School and Harvest Bible Institute: A School of Leaders. In addition, the ministry has acquired a Leadership Camp which sits on over 80 acres of land, Leah's House-a home for unwed teenage mothers.

Harvest Church International Outreach is One church...many branches. Harvest Church West Branch in Topeka, Kansas where Pastor Tony Stanley is the Branch Pastor and Harvest Church North Branch in St. Joseph, Missouri where Pastor Maurice Martin is the Branch Pastor. 


Service Times

Sunday Morning Worship - 9:30am
Wednesday Bible Study - 7:00pm

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